Program for Hackbeach 2016

Unscheduled events
Minto Joseph

Help! My Linux system is not responding!
Linux Root Cause Analysis

presented by Minto Joseph

Session covers investigative methods and tools that can be used in Linux Root Cause Analysis. Session would also cover common issues ranging from resource utilization to kernel bugs and how to debug them.

Balasankar C

The ഹരിശ്രീ of Malayalam Computing

presented by Balasankar C

Basic introduction to Indic Language Computing - Concepts of Unicode, Fonts, LibIndic projects etc. Introduction to organizations like Swathanthra Malayalam Computing, Indic Project etc.

Cherry G. Mathew

Cracking Plastic - rocket stoves and distillers

presented by Cherry G. Mathew

Domestic Plastic disposal is turning out to be a serious concern in India [1] Kerala, specifically, is still in non-compliance of the CPCB rules concerning Plastic Waste Disposal. (Annexure 1, [1])

This author believes that the main reason that plastic, unlike organic waste, tends to accumulate, is because it is seen as useless. However, certain types of plastic, when pyrolised can break d...


Navya M

Freelancing - What it really is like
A brief insight about pros and cons of freelancing

presented by Navya M

Many people seem interested in the idea of freelancing. It sounds exciting! Be your own boss, involve in projects of your choice,handle multiple projects at a time, work for 6 months and travel the next 6 months. An easy way to earn quick money? Let me tell you, It is not easy or as exciting as it sounds! I am sure many freelancing enthusiasts ( who are in a regular job but want to switch to...


chrispin ochieng okumu

mobile solar computer classroom-women and web literacy
women and web literacy

presented by chrispin ochieng okumu

Mobile solar computer classroom project aims to empower communities especially the most disadvantage mostly the girls and women . with mobile solar computer classroom we aim to reach out to community centers and libraries through out west Kenya.many remote places we aim to reach have no infrastructure to support typical computer installation. the project aims to provide computers and internet t...


Cherry G. Mathew

BSD Birds of a feather

presented by Cherry G. Mathew

We have a selection of BSD practitioners attending hackbeach from the three BSDs.

This is a "Birds Of a Feather" gathering (probably 3hrs) where we drink our favourite beverage at a restaurant of our choosing and make merry, while pretending to talk about our adventures with BSD.

If you're a BSD practitioner or a developer, you're more than welcome to attend, but please register for the e...